Why are languages important?

It may seem that everyone speaks English, but in fact 75% of the world’s population don’t. At Net School, we try to offer a broad range of languages. Here’s why learning a language can really benefit you:

  1. They’re good for you! Speaking more than one language increases your brain capacity and improves your memory.
  2. A language will always be useful, no matter what you do as a future profession. I still enjoy using my German with people I meet in the UK, or on holiday.
  3. They offer variety. You’ll study a wide range of topics: culture, society, traditions. By understanding another country, you’ll get a broader perspective on the world.
  4. You can read books, watch films and listen to songs in their original language and understand them. Whether it’s Asterix or Manga!
  5. In a globalised world, employers increasingly value them. They make you stand out. Using a language at work could even raise your salary by 8-20% (Source: University of Southampton - Routes into Languages programme).

We’re looking to expand the range of languages we offer to include, for example, Mandarin. Let us know if you have other suggestions!