How do we learn?

I think to be a good teacher, you need to understand how different people learn and try to apply it in the classroom. There are four main types of learner:

1. Visual Learners: learn best by information presented to them visually, in the form of demonstrations, charts and pictures.
2. Auditory Learners: learn best by listening and verbalizing data. Generally, this type of learner interprets information when it is spoken to them, and they tend to be natural listeners.
3. Read-Write Learners: prefer that data and information be given to them in writing. This type of learner needs time to take notes, because they will learn the information more quickly if they write it themselves.
4. Kinesthetic Learners are those who learn best through hands-on approaches. They generally learn by doing and solving real-life problems and through trial and error. They enjoy hands-on activities, like role playing.

All these types of learner can be accommodated in an online classroom. At Net School, our teachers try to structure lessons around individual learning preferences – balancing, for example, PowerPoint slides, YouTube videos, breakout discussions, roleplay, online polls and different types of homework.