Et Tu, Net School?

It's been great to see the strong interest in Net School's new online Latin classes this month - but not that surprising. It's a subject that has enjoyed a real resurgence in recent years. I think part of the reason for this is that parents and students are looking for an academically rigorous subject - something that challenges them and offers something a little bit different.

However, i think it also reflects the growing appreciation of the benefits that studying Latin brings. It's a wonderful way to learn how languages work. Latin gives you a grounding in the structure and mechanics of language. A student that has studied Latin will often find it much easier when it comes to learning Modern languages, whether French, Spanish or Arabic.

It's also a subject that opens up one of the world's great civilisations, shining a light on its history and culture. It introduces students to Latin literature, mythology and philosophy - something that has influenced great English writers from Shakespeare to JK Rowling. It's a subject that lends itself well to internet teaching.

Reading Rose's syllabus and course ideas has made me want to start studying it again myself!