Thank you for your feedback...

At the end of last term, we invited the parents of Net School students to respond to a survey, asking them their opinion of the service we provide and what we can do to make Net School even better. It has been really helpful to have their feedback and suggestions for how to develop Net School further, and we wanted to share some of the main points which came out.

The headline figures were that 84%  of parents said they were "very happy" with the service provided by Net School. 11% said they were "happy". Nobody said they were "unhappy".
85% of you said they were "very likely" to recommend Net School to a friend. 15% said they were likely. What mattered most to people was the quality of our teachers, the small class sizes and our responsiveness. We're really pleased to get this positive feedback and promise, as Net School grows, to keep the focus on quality.

We received some really good ideas for how to develop and it was very useful to understand what more people wanted. Based on this, we are planning to:

- Introduce  A Level tuition in some subjects from academic year 2016/2017
- Explore options for accepting electronic payments
- Expand the range of languages we offer. We started with Spanish and French, we are this year offering German and will explore whether to offer Mandarin.
- Expand the range of after school clubs. This term we will be running Creative Writing and Survival Skills clubs again, and we hope to offer Digital Photography next year.
- Run a careers day.

Some of the ideas we need to think about a little further. For example, we are looking at the practicalities of running computer science courses.

Please do keep the ideas coming in. As a relatively small business, we may not be able to implement all of them immediately. But we promise to consider them.