Code Club News!

Code Club is a free 'after school club' for our students. On alternate weeks we run Beginners' and Advanced sessions, both led by Dr Ellie Nalson. Here is what they have been up to this term!

In Beginners Code Club this term we have been coding in scratch and have built a few different programs. We recently finished developing a game in which you must catch a number of witches who are flying around the screen. We have also built our own bands in scratch and at the start of term we built programs that would draw a shape you requested on the screen. Above you can see an image showing Alice's program which will draw a shape with as many sides as you like: on the left you can see what her program looks like and on the right you can see her code.

In Advanced Code Club we have been coding in Python. This was a new coding language for some of the group so its been great to see so much progress! Students have been working on a new challenge each week, from building luck based games, to building calculators to work out your age in a given year. This week the advanced coders are building a Python encryptor which can be used to encrypt and decrypt coded messages. Below you can see a Python code written by Felix. On the left the code has been run and you can see it has calculated that a 15 year old now will be 50 in 2050!

Next term beginners and advanced code club will continue to run on alternate weeks - all Net School students are welcome to come and find out what's happening :)