Leaving their computers at home: Net School in Pompeii!

Last week, six intrepid Net School students, their teacher and their similarly intrepid parents headed away from their computers to Italy, to visit the amazing ruins at Pompeii. As part of our GCSE Classical Civilisation course the students have been studying the ancient Roman city through their online classes, but now we were going to actually visit the homes, streets and public buildings that we had so far only explored virtually. Armed with our knowledge of Pompeians and the society they lived in, we were really excited to find ourselves standing in such iconic buildings as the House of the Faun and the large theatre, not to mention being able to stroll around the ancient forum, imagining the temples, markets and offices that had once stood there.

In addition, on the following day, some students took the opportunity to visit Vesuvius and peer into its crater, whilst others travelled the short distance along the coast to the impressive ruins at Herculaneum. Overall, it was a visit which we are sure will stay with us for a long time, and which has not only deepened our students' appreciation of this ancient society, but has also enriched the friendships that they have forged online.

Susan Reed (Teacher of Classical Civilisation)

Photos: Header - Entrance to the forum in Pompeii; Below - visiting the 'House of the Faun', and our group clearly enjoying themselves :)