Code Clever!

We reported earlier in the year on some of the exciting projects that our Code Club members were working on. Now that we have reached the end of term, three keen coders would like to share what they have enjoyed most about their adventures in code!

Phoebe (Year 10)
I really enjoy what we’ve been doing in Code Club. I think I’ve learned a lot and I’m looking forward to learning more. I go to both Beginners and Advanced Code Club. The Beginners club uses Scratch, which is easier to learn than most other languages (although you can still do a lot with it). We’ve made several animations (such as a band where you click on the instruments to play them) and even games in Scratch. The Advanced club uses Python, another fun language which can be used for a lot of things. We’ve been making games (we’re currently working on a text-based RPG where you escape a haunted house), drawing “turtle” graphics, and doing ASCII art. My favourite projects would probably be the RPG in Python and the platform game we’re doing in Scratch. -


Dylan (Year 7)
'I have really enjoyed doing code club. I have learnt so much and it is always so much fun talking it through with other people and seeing what they have done too! I feel very confident in Scratch now and have learnt lots of new skills and have enjoyed it so much. My latest project is called “Mario bros” - you can see my code below. I have more recently been learning python this is really cool. It helps me understand coding better, it is more advanced and does stuff scratch can’t do. So it is a great stepping stone from scratch. I have done lots of small projects using it: age calculator, haunted house game, Ascii art and turtle power.' 


Nico (Year 7): 'I really enjoyed code club this year, I really enjoyed the escape house game - I did quite a bit outside of code club.I have also been able to meet up with some of my class-mates, it's been good fun! :) Here is the escape house game code running: