Five Brilliant Reasons to Study Latin!

It’s 2016, and people have come to question the relevancy of Latin in today’s society. By some accounts, it’s too obscure and/or difficult to bother with. However, Net School students are discovering for themselves that the reality is quite different. Here, one of of our amazing Latin students, Faith Thompson, explains five reasons why learning Latin remains a very rewarding and useful experience...


1) Latin improves your understanding of other languages... including your own

Many of our words can be traced back to Latin, so this language not only helps you to get to know your native tongue better, but it also enables you to absorb modern foreign languages with ease. For instance, German nouns follow similar patterns to Latin, and it’s good to learn the Latin first – that way, you’ll really get to grips with the rules of grammar which structure modern languages. What’s more, learning Latin vocabulary isn’t as challenging as you may think, because a lot of words are already familiar to us in some shape or form!


2) It crops up in many other subjects

Latin is at the root of numerous academic fields, including law, business, and medicine. If you want to become a doctor, learn legal terms, understand early choral music, or read the Bible in the way it was known for centuries, Latin is invaluable.


3) It isn’t just about grammar

The ultimate aim of a Latin student is not to know how to conjugate endless verbs, but to be able to appreciate the rich variety of Latin poetry and prose that is available. Virgil’s “Aenied” is an example of a Latin epic poem which has more thrilling moments than many 21st century novels and films! As for the letters and speeches of Roman orators, politicians and philosophers (such as Cicero), the content is often strikingly insightful and relevant, even now.


4) Knowledge of Latin is impressive

Fewer and fewer young people have the opportunity to study Latin these days; sadly, in some schools, Latin has been phased out altogether. Students who have had the chance to learn this subject are therefore very fortunate… and it’s a real asset to them. While you may favour a more practical, modern language, you’ll find that there’s also a lot of respect for classical languages, and the word ‘Latin’ will stand out a mile on your CV.  Did you know that C.V. is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase “curriculum vitae”, which means “course of life”?


5) You pick up transferrable skills

Latin is a precise language which trains the mind. Logical, analytical thinking becomes almost second nature to a Latin student! Memorisation is another useful skill which is needed across many subjects; it can be challenging, but studying Latin is ideal for the development of this ability.


A personal view:

With a good teacher and some engaging books, the study of Latin is a genuine pleasure, not the pain it’s sometimes made out to be. Latin is one of the most satisfying languages you could choose to learn, and it’s a prestigious key which still opens many doors for people who love learning. 

Finally: “non scholae sed vitae discimus” (we do not learn for school, but for life)!

If this article has inspired you to study Latin, we have places remaining in our online Latin courses at all levels, from absolute beginner to IGCSE, beginning September 2016. Get in touch for more information.