Feeling Creative?

As well as our primary. Key Stage 3 and IGSE courses, Net School also runs a number of online extra curricular clubs which are free for our students to attend. In the spring and summer terms of this year, our Creative Writing Club was run by the wonderful Karen Goodwin, a published poet who inspired our students with her own take on how to express themselves creatively. Here, she reflects on their time together...

It has been such a pleasure to run Creative Writing Club for Net School over the last two terms, and share my enthusiasm for poetry with talented young writers. If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to in our workshops, here’s a little sample…

As a working poet, I find the best poems in ordinary places, and I find inspiration in the most everyday life experiences – we too found poems in the kitchen, supermarkets, recipe books and magazines, we even found poetry in the paint aisles of a DIY shop!

We visited online art galleries, narrating tales locked inside famous paintings such as Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. We travelled back in time to the chronicles of medieval bestiaries, rediscovering for ourselves the lost voices of the lionman and other fabulous long-forgotten creatures.

Inspired by the Dadaists of the 1920s, we ‘found’ poetry that already exists, hidden in other texts such as magazines and newspapers. We cut out key words and reassembled them to find new meaning in a collage of poetry (apologies to parents who found crucial pages missing from the Sunday papers!)

We experimented with flash fiction – also known as ‘twitterature’ or ‘sudden fiction’ challenging ourselves to write stories of two or three paragraphs, allowing the reader to piece together the larger picture. This produced some highly original writing, mysterious and surreal, seasons that flooded houses, whole narratives disappearing in a teacup.

By far the most popular and fun lesson though was ‘colourful writing’ where we used real life paint charts (from Dulux) as the titles for our poems. Quintessential Blue, Sumptuous Plum, Urban Obsession - we invented a whole cityscape for a shade of dark metallic grey, and all week my inbox filled up with the most vivid fairytales and futuristic cyberpunk writing.

It has been wonderful to work with these young writers and I am excited to hear that a couple of students have gone on to produce their own blogsites, sharing their poems with a wider audience.

Ms Goodwin

If this month's blog has inspired you to put pen to paper, Creative Writing Club this term is being run by Mrs Priya Page, who is focusing on prose fiction and coming up with some exciting work! We are also delighted that Karen Goodwin will be returning to Net School after the October half term to run a new poetry club - current students should look out for further details coming soon...