Online schooling: What's not to like?

Our KS3 Science teacher, Soraiya Humby, reflects on just how great working and learning online can be...

I’ve made my children’s lunches, got the washing on and done the school run and now I am back home sitting at my desk with a cup of tea and toast ready to start my lessons!

My students arrive one by one, chatting about their weekend adventures or discussing ideas for homework.  Many will still be in their pyjamas, comfortable and relaxed, ready to start their school day whilst their physical school counterparts may have had to brave the elements or run the gauntlet of public transport to get to school on time!

Lessons are full of discussions, activities and laughter.  Knowledge is shared between students and teachers, there is a mutual respect and I have never had to deal with any bad behaviour in my lessons.

Once lessons are over students often use this time to complete homework whilst it is all still fresh in their minds.  Others may attend clubs or practise their chosen sports: the world is their oyster! Me?  Well I may do some marking, lesson planning, chores or if I’m feeling really decadent an afternoon tea with friends before the school run beckons! 

So…whether a teacher or a student, what’s not to like?