Code Week EU 2017

Have you wondered how websites and games become interactive or how PowerPoint makes presentations? 

Now in its fifth year, CodeWeek EU is a Europe-wide initiative to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way. Between 7-22 October all over the EU students will be involved in coding events to see how our technology works.  

At Net School, we have a club where students learn coding using Scratch. We learn how to use coding to interact with the computer to create games, puzzles, quizzes and presentations. Anything is possible and its simple to learn.

Want to about learn about coding?

Net School students can start by coming to code club to find out how scratch works. You could use our projects or make your own. Why not create your homework on Scratch? Anything you would normally do on PowerPoint can be made in scratch and you could add some cool interactive elements. The only limit is your imagination!

Come to our club and find out about coding. The club meetings for Code Week will be running on 12 and 18 October. 

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