Why does Net School work for me?

Thank you to Claire, one of our Year 10 IGCSE students, for this great blog on why Net School works for her...

For me, Net School means the complete freedom of education, without the barriers of distance or anxiety or fear. I am encouraged to learn by our teachers and peers, they care about my progress and understanding - not just what mark I get on an exam. My teachers make lessons fun and engaging, I’m excited to log on every day!

The classes are small and are always a positive environment to work in, there is no judgment and everyone helps each other to understand the trickier parts! Net School has also helped me to take pride in my work, I am motivated to complete work well instead of rushing to hand it in. There is always help available and I am always sure that if I don’t quite understand something my teachers want to help!

The online platform is really accessible and easy to navigate, I get constructive feedback for all my subjects every week. This really aids me in improving my answers and techniques. My parents can view the work we complete in class and see my progress too, this is a really useful addition to the system. Net School has completely changed my school experience and I am so thrilled to be a part of this uplifting community!

Thank you Net School! ❤