Net School: Bringing geography to life in your home!

This week, one of our enthusiastic Net School geographers gives you a flavour of why online geography classes work for them!

Learning Geography online couldn’t be any easier. Net School runs geography courses from Year 5 to IGCSE, with great classes enhanced by wonderful online resources to really bring online Geography to life, including vivid videos, fascinating fieldwork and captivating case studies. You can even experience 360° videos introducing enthralling geographical features such as Victoria Falls on great websites such as 

And what about fieldwork? Students in our online classes can follow instructions to carry out fieldwork projects close to where they live, bringing Geography into everyday life - it links everything you’ve learnt in class to the real world, making online Geography truly exciting. Students get the opportunity to delve deeper into Geography with case studies. Here we can see the magnificence of a riveting river or a vibrant volcano.Geography is already an interesting subject but with the help of the internet’s endless assets Geography across the world is brought to your home.

Another great feature of learning Geography with Net School is the small class sizes. They allow the teacher to focus on each student individually and make sure they are understanding the material. With Net School’s brilliant teacher Mrs Barrett who clearly explains information, sets interesting homework assignments and provides students with an ideal environment to learn and engage with Geography, why wouldn’t you want to try learning Geography online?