Tuition that is as individual as you are!

Here is a great blog from Pia, one of our Key Stage 3 students on why our one-to-one lessons suit her learning…

Last year, when I first started Net School I joined group classes, but soon afterwards I considered that one-to-one sessions might be more helpful to me. When I started one-to-one classes last year, I did them in addition to my regular classes. However, this year I have replaced some classes with one-to-one tutoring.

I now study five subjects on a one-to-one basis and am very satisfied with the outcome of these sessions so far. One of the advantages is the fact that there are no distractions or interruptions from other classmates and as a result, I can be more focused on the tasks that are given.

Additionally, the curriculum is designed to exactly meet my needs, my skills and my knowledge. Therefore I can learn and work with more advanced material and progress at my own speed.

Furthermore, one-to-one classes give me the opportunity to create a more personal bond with my teachers; consequently, I feel more comfortable expressing my thoughts and my questions.