It's not all work, work, work!

At Net School we believe that having time to pursue our hobbies and interests is just as important as our academic studies because it is enjoyable and beause it contributes to our lifelong learning. 

We offer many extra curricular clubs at Net School, recent and current groups being chess and puzzles, coding, Spanish speaking and creative writing. Of course our students also have many exciting offline hobbies! Three of our students have shared their passions with us:

Carys (Year 9)My main hobby is horse riding where I compete in show jumping and dressage competitions.  I also take part in competitive fencing and enjoy crafts such as pottery and textiles, I particularly enjoy designing clothes.

Naomi (Year 10) – I do a lot of theatre.  It is great because Net School gives me the flexibility to do that.  I don’t have a lot of time because since starting the IGCSE course I have a lot of homework, but it is really convenient that I can catch up on any missed work and enjoy my hobbies in the long holidays that we have.  I was able to go to take part in a play in New York in December because of how long our break was.  It was so amazing, and all my other friends were still at school! I also really enjoy cooking and often I’ll cook a full meal between classes or even during break!

Olivia (Year 9) - I am a very keen sports person. Golf is my true passion and I hope to one day be the best player on tour.  I currently play for my county and am hoping to make the England U16 girls team this year.  I also play tennis and hockey for county and my other hobbies are lacrosse, skiing and watching polo. I also really enjoy photography in my spare time on the golf course.

Wow! It's a wonder some of our students have time for their academic studies :) But it's brilliant to see how the flexibility of online education can help to enable these members of our community to pursue their dreams.