Halfway There

Well here we are, officially halfway through our academic year!  At this point it may be worth taking a minute to reflect on the year so far…

What have been your strengths and achievements?Is there anything you think you could improve on for the rest of the year?  It’s not too late to pick up those resolutions you might have made at New Year!

For some of you there may be the prospects of exams ahead. If so, then now is a good time to plan your revision and a timetable to organise and prepare yourselves to put you in the best position for sitting your exams. For Net School students, our Pastoral Tutor, Chloe Bullock, will be running an IGCSE Revision Techniques session later this week to give you ideas on different ways to get on top of what you need to know - all of our students are welcome to attend, just look out for the notice and log in on eLecta.

Spring has sprung, well sort of, so let’s return to our studies re-energised after half term and remember, summer is on its way!