Tropical Week in Year 5!

It’s a bit chilly in the UK at the moment, but last week was Tropical Week in Year 5!  Here’s an insight to what they studied from their teacher, Mrs Buchanan;

“In our Extreme Earth Geography topic, we looked at the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and the storms that are created there. We learnt about the grades of tropical storm, and that hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons are the same kind of storm, but have different names around the world. One person in our class lives in India and is very knowledgeable about the cyclones local to her.

 On Tropical Tuesday our focus was Maths and we looked at word problems involving fractions of amounts using tropical fruits and animals. We learnt how to use the bar model to help us visualise our amounts. My class enjoyed the pictures of tropical fruit to help us, especially the delicious mangoes!

During break my class love colouring in and drawing pictures. They use their headsets to have a chat and sometimes use their webcams to show each other something new they have bought or made. They sharenews from the past few days, and what they had been up to, including ice-skating!

Our Tropical Week in English focused on deforestation of the tropical rainforests. As our English unit is persuasive writing, we started the week thinking about environmental causes and how we could persuade our audience to look after our world. We each chose a cause that we would like to make a persuasive poster about and later in the week we be thinking about how we can encourage people to recycle paper and look after our trees.”

What a busy week Year 5 had, hope the talk of all things tropical has warmed you up!