Gianni Spricht Deutsch! Using German outside the classroom

Congratulations to Net School's Year 8 German student Giannia Mura, who has recently been awarded his Scout's Communicator Badge. 

Gianni is studying German with Net School and has also participated in an exchange with his twin town's swimming club, including taking part in twin town swimming competitions. 

Being awarded the badge involved completing these tasks in German:

  1. Carrying on a simple conversation for about 10 minutes.
  2. Writing a letter of around 150 words.
  3. After a few minutes of study, translating a paragraph of basic text.
  4. Acting as an interpreter for a German visitor.
  5. Communicating with a German person.

Gianni now has excellent proof of his ability to speak/understand/read and write a foreign language and through this experience he has gained in confidence and made German friends. The language in which Gianni communicated was German but the badge can be taken using any other foreign language as well, so if you are a scout and are studying a language with Net School, why not have a go?  (The Girl Guides also has a Communicator Badge which you can gain by using a foreign language).

Well done, Gianni!

Below you can see Gianni's new 'Comunicator' badge proudly displayed on his scout uniform.