World Water Day in Year 5!

Last half term, Year 5 were learning about rivers, leading up to Word Water Day on 22nd March, where the children all wore blue and made pledges about saving water.

Here is Mrs Buchannan, their class teacher, to explain what they have been up to...

“For World Water Day, we thought about the use of river water, and the treatment of water before it becomes safe for us to drink. In many countries, the flooding of rivers or other natural disasters can lead to many people contracting diseases. We learned that 1 in 10 people do not have access to a regular safe water supply and what it means to be water vulnerable. Being grateful for safe drinking water means not wasting the precious resource we have. We now know that turning the taps off when we brush our teeth, taking showers instead of baths, using the washing machine for one full load instead of two half-loads and watering the garden from a water butt instead of a hosepipe can save enormous amounts of water in our own homes. We wore blue on World Water Day to show awareness of those around the world that are water vulnerable and do not have access to safe drinking water. We are so fortunate to have safe drinking water, even if it does not always come directly out of the tap!”

We love our Year 5 updates and look forward to hearing about the summer term’s new topic, Adventure! Adventurers and Explorers in Humanities, Choose Your Own Adventure stories in English, Shipwreck problem-solving with Materials in Science and adventurous stuff in Maths too!