A flexible and personal approach to your child's education

Here at Net School there are some values that we will always uphold when it comes to your child’s education.

We believe that small class sizes are important, as not only do they foster positive relationships between teachers and students and within the student group itself, they allow our teachers to personalise the lessons to meet individuals needs and ensure effective learning.  If these classes are still too large for your requirements we can also explore the option of one-to-one lessons for your child.

We know that sometimes, life gets in the way of school and you have to miss a class. But this is not a problem, as all our lessons are recorded and are available to download and watch within 24 hours.  Students are then able to revisit anything they may be unsure of, or indeed catch up on the whole lesson if they had to miss it for any reason.  Many of our students access lessons whilst travelling or otherwise away from home via our mobile classroom app.

We appreciate that home educators know which subjects their child will benefit from learning online. We are therefore happy for our students to take any combination of subjects, there are no compulsory packages or a requirement to take up the whole curriculum.  Students also have a variety of free extra-curricular clubs that they can choose from to enhance their school experience - this year we have offered Coding, Creative Writing, Chess and Spanish conversation!

We understand how important it is for parents to be involved with their children’s education.  Net School is owned and run by experienced, practicing teachers who work closely with parents to achieve the best results for their children. Parents can contact class teachers directly through our internal email system and vice versa if there are any concerns or congratulations to share.

We seek to bring out the best in every student - and succeed. Our IGCSE results for 2017 were 100% A*-C grades, with 78% of results being at A* and A grades. 

We know that choosing an online school is a financial commitment. If you wish to enrol with us we will only ask for an initial £100 deposit (deductable from the first term's fees), with termly fees due one term in advance.  If for any reason you decide Net School doesn’t suit your requirements, you can leave within the first 30 days and you will only forego your deposit and the cost of any lessons taken.  After the first thirty days of enrolment, you would need to give us 30 days’ notice, but any classes already paid for after this time would be refunded. 

Our main concern is always the welfare of our students - why not find out more today about joining the Net School community?

Contact our School Administrator, Emily Williams, for more information on courses and enrolment at office@net-school.co.uk - we look forward to hearing from you.