No hablo Espanol!

Getting ready for your summer holidays but worried about the language barrier? Your children might be able to come to the rescue!

One of our students in Year 9 really enjoys taking part in our Spanish Speaking Club, here’s what Nico has to say:

“This club has worked really well for me in improving my speaking skills.  We have a much broader approach than in lessons and we also get to play games!”

Spanish Speaking Club has been just one of the extra-curricuar clubs that Net School students have been able to take part in over the course of the last school year, in addition to Creative Writing, Chess and Coding. Clubs are offered at no additional charge to our students and are a great way to learn a new skill, practice an existng one or just connect with students from other year groups in an informal group. Our clubs change each year but there is always something happening!

We are currently accepting enrolments for Years 5 to 11 for September 2018. If you would like to find out more, please contact our Administrator, Emily Williams, at - we look forward to hearing from you!