Who wants to come on an adventure?

Mrs Buchanan updates us on what her adventurous Year 5 class have been up to this term!

This term, Year 5 have been on an adventure! In Science, we were ship-wrecked and had to search the ship for anything we could salvage in our Materials unit. We have learned about testing for transparency, thermal insulation and whether a material is waterproof when building our shelter on our new remote and deserted location.

In Humanities, we have learned about famous explorers who had adventures all over the world, and beyond! We started with Ibn Battuta in Asia and Africa, Captain Robert Falcon Scott in Antarctica, and famous voyagers including Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh. We've even been out to space to learn about Neil Armstrong! Alongside these explorers we have also learned about the first women to make these journeys, and the adventurers who are still making those voyages today. We've all prepared lessons on our favourite adventurers including the Vikings, deep sea explorers and famous aviators such as Amelia Earhart. 

Our most popular adventure though, has been in English. We have been writing 'Create Your Own Adventure' stories with multiple story lines. Year 5 have really enjoyed writing for their classmates and reading each others' work even more so! Even when have reached a dead end and had to start again! We have had quests to solve as spies, astronauts, mermaids and ancient warriors; we been been under the sea, in forests, submarines, desert islands and even in haunted houses!

Our work in Year 5 is always challenging and adventurous, but we have really enjoyed exploring these topics this term.

Mrs Buchanan