Looking Back - Online Schooling Then and Now

Many people think that internet schooling is a new branch of education, but it has been around for some time. Our Year 5 teacher Hannah Buchannan attended an internet school for some of her school life and has written up some of her experiences for us:

When my younger brother asked if he could home school for Year 7, instead of traditional secondary school, and my parents agreed, our whole aspect on schooling changed as a family. My parents asked if I would like to be home educated as well and I enrolled into Year 9 in an online school the next September! 

My brother and I studied at an online school for three years. Lunchtimes at home were brilliant fun and we had the opportunity to join many more out-of-school clubs than we had when we had traditional school to juggle at the same time.

My favourite aspect of the school was chatting to all my online friends all over the world. This was before most of our current Net School students were born, so chatting to people online was a relatively new phenomenon! In our school we had our own colours to write on the board, just like many pupils do in Net School, and I used my particular shade of purple with pride.

Online schooling was very different for me as Electa was not available yet and our lessons were not live. We had a text chat facility and could download and upload our homework files, but that was about it! Now in Net School, we all join the classroom and learn together, sharing our thoughts and ideas at the same time. After my online schooling days, I trained to be a Primary School teacher at Durham University. Online schooling had given me a lot of practise of self-study and I excelled in my specialism because of it. I would have loved to be a part of Net School when I attended online school, so I'm glad my turn has come now!