Out and About: Dovedale IGCSE Geography Field Trip

At the end of August, five students, their parents and Bridgette Barrett - their Net School Geography teacher - met up in Dovedale, the Peak District for a day of geography fieldwork.

The students either have already or will be studying river environments as part of their IGCSE course. During the day they had the opportunity to wade in the River Dove, taking a range of measurements – width, depth, velocity – so that back in the eLecta online classroom they can work on creating river cross-sections.

The students also measured the size and shape of the bedload – the material transported by the river – as well as insect life within the river, which helped them to consider how clean the river is.

The IGCSE course also includes rural environments. Visiting Dovedale gave the students the opportunity to examine the ways in which the environment was being managed to ensure that it is sustainable. They completed environmental surveys at different sites and a field sketch to show key features.

 As well as putting geographical skills into practice the day gave the students the opportunity to meet friends from online in person and share a great day out.