World Space Week!

Ms Buchanan's Year 5 class have made posters to celebrate this year's theme 'Space Unites the World'. This is an especially exciting theme for the students of Year 5 as, although we may not live in the same country (or even continent!), we all live on the same planet in the same universe, and there are many aspects of space that are true regardless of where we live.

Our Science unit this half-term has been Earth and Space. We have thought about how the Earth's rotation creates day and night (and its tilt creates the seasons!) as well as discovering although the Moon also rotates, we only ever see the same side from Earth. Everyone enjoyed learning about the other planets in our solar system, and in World Space Week we thought about how far space travel has come over the years! Would you like to visit space if you were given the chance? 

The image in our header this week was designed by Sarah in Year 5 as part of the group's World Space Week activities.