Hot Seating in Year 6

Mrs Dart's Year 6 class have been writing news reports based on Roald Dahl's “The Magic Finger”. Everyone has loved reading the book and the class have really got their teeth into discussing the issues of hunting and animal cruelty. To help bring the characters alive we did some hot-seating; this is where one of the students acts as a character from the story and the others ask them questions.

This can be quite an intimidating thing to do, but everyone was falling over themselves to volunteer. Wow, what acting skills we have in the class! The students were fantastic at getting into character, complete with voice changes and vocabulary in keeping with their character. The others came up with insightful questions, revealing a desire to understand the character and discover their emotions and motivations through the story.

When it comes to writing their reports, the class can now draw upon a rich bank of vocabulary and ideas to help them bring the characters to life. They have shown that they can understand the nuances of character - that a character is not necessarily a goody or a baddy all the way through, but that they develop in reaction to the events happening around them. All this with the added bonus of a lesson that absolutely flew by, filled with fun and laughter and lots of praise for their classmates' skills.