Sports Stars in the Making!

Learning with Net School provides many of our students with the opportunity to really focus on their passions.  Jannah and Zayd in Year 10 have been practising Taekwondo for over 7 years and train for 2 hours every day.  Jannah tells us about their goals:

“Studying with Net School means that we have the flexibility to pursue our hobbies to a serious level, which we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise if we were at a physical school.  We regularly have to travel to participate in international taekwondo tournaments, and we can do this without having to miss out on lessons by just packing our laptops and logging into class from any hotel room around the world!  We ultimately want to become World Champions!  Here we are picking up first places at a recent competition in Portugal.”

We look forward to following Jannah and Zayd's progress in the future!

Header photo - Jannah and her team receive their first place medals and c ertificates. Below - Zayd celebrates his first placed position.