Calcium Apocalypse!!

At the end of the term, Year 9 science had an exciting opportunity to take part in a cross curricula piece of work.  We had been looking at the reactions of metals and discussed why some metals are suitable for some jobs and not others.  For homework the students were asked to consider what life would be like if we used calcium for all things metal and to put their ideas into a piece of creative writing but also making sure they used the scientific facts!

Here is a fabulous piece of writing by Tamara in Year 9:

One stupid person, with a crazy idea, could have just destroyed the Earth.

In a country, there was a dictator, he was called Mark Roxanne. He was known for being a very secretive person. He would steal government money and would go on killing sprees, yet his people still worshipped him. He long ago brainwashed his people, he did it so that if a disastrous time came, his people would protect him, despite him being a horrible person. He always loved it when girls would fall for his cute, innocent looking looks because they never realized that under that mask, laid a monster.

 Mark didn’t have the brightest childhood, he had abusive parents, and was always looked down upon, due to his small, petite figure. Even in the present time, he was looked down upon by other powerful rulers. They saw him as a selfish and manipulative brat that only sought for power. They would always decline his offers, even if they would make a huge increase in the economy. They just wanted to stay as far away from him as possible. Mark knew that, and his anger and sadness grew immensely over time, just because of them.

He wanted to do something to them, something bad. Something that would ruin them and their people. Something that would destroy everything they had. He had many ideas but starting a bloody war wouldn’t benefit Mark in any way. So, he decided to ask his fellow researchers, and scientists. He wanted to find a way to destroy his fellow neighbors, but he wanted it to be in a unique way. He wanted to be remembered for killing his enemies and haters in a way that no one has ever done before.

His evil scientists immediately gave him their ideas, as they too were thinking about such murderous acts. They explained many ways to Mark, but what caught his attention was the ‘calcium’ idea. He liked the idea of having people being burned alive, in a white sludge. He would love for things to blow up and have all the debris kill people. The thought just excited him. He excitedly made several agreements and deals with worldwide companies. However, it did cost him a lot, as many wouldn’t do it for nothing. Nonetheless, Mark gave them different designs of various metal parts, such as car doors, elevators and bridge parts. Lucky for him, he is quite a hollow headed guy, and he realized he needed to find a way to get the calcium that he so desperately needs for his deadly plan to work.

He contacted his friends, from different galaxies, that sold calcium like paper. His friends were hesitant to give him their calcium, because they knew that if it were handled incorrectly on planet earth, then there would be consequences. However, after Martin mercilessly bribed and threatened them, they gave him what he wanted, out of fear. Sooner or later the calcium had arrived on planet earth, in Mark’s international galactic port, and almost immediately his plan had been put into action. Over the course of five years, Mark had built items made from calcium, ranging from bolts to cars. He made sure they were built in a special building, so that he, himself wouldn’t get killed. Then came the most exciting part. To sell all of these items cheaply, and gift the calcium made cars to the presidents he hated the most.

19th of November 4023, He had put all of these items he had made over the span of five years on sale. His shops were all sold out, people and oblivious companies had to get those cheap items, but little did they know that the next day it would rain, and disaster would occur. Martin, on the same day, had taken his space-rocket to his home in space. Watching the earth with cameras that he didn’t know that was also made from calcium. Martin also didn’t know, that one of those girls that fell for him, did a lot of research about him. Her name was Martha, she knew all about his plans. So she used all her savings to make Mark’s home out of calcium. She had also planned to pour water with her own spacecraft on his ship. Since waters clings onto the object in space, Mark would die really quickly.

20th of November, a storm had come upon many countries of the world. People were in their calcium made cars or holding their umbrellas that had a calcium made handle. People didn’t notice the heat or white sludge until the rain really started to pour. People would just be doing their daily things, but then, they started to feel things becoming softer, and their items, that they bought from Mark were slowly starting to turn white, and the heat of the calcium increased dramatically. The hydrogen gas started to blur the visions of the people.

People were screaming, so loud. Panic rose, people were running everywhere, trying to find shelter from the rain, trying to get the white, burning sludge of their hands. They were screaming in agony, and some becoming shocked as they saw their loved ones burning and becoming one with the white sludge. Limbs were falling off people, people were being burned alive, and worst of all, the hydrogen had come into contact with the coal fires in restaurants. There were explosions everywhere. The sound they made were like bombs, newly bought buses would explode and melt at the same time. People were being engulfed in this white sludge, and the white sludge sooner or later became red. It was stained by the blood.

There was nowhere to hide, it seemed like everywhere they went would lead to them dying. The rain poured harder and harder as the seconds ticked by. The smell of fire and blood could be smelt everywhere you went. Even if you managed to get out of the cities, you would still find this sludge in the countryside. Everywhere you went you would hear the bomb like explosions, and the high-pitched screams from young kids to elderly people. Words such as ‘Help’ and ‘Save me’ were the only words that were heard from people. Everyone was going mental, news reporters were trying to report everything that was going around them, but he or she too would also start to slowly burn, right on live TV.

It was sickly to know, that Mark was just sitting on his red, comfy couch, watching everything unfold whilst sipping his newly bought red wine. ‘Stupid people.’ Is all he thought off. He found it mesmerizing and pleasurable to see everyone slowly melt and die. However, unfortunately for him, he started to see white sludge on his computer screen, and then soon the camera signal was cut off. With a frustrated sigh, he stood up and threw his computer, it landed with a clang.

Meanwhile, Martha was starting to laugh evilly, she was going to give Mark payback, the karma he deserved. She had strapped herself in her spacecraft and took off to space, as quick as she could, whilst laughing the journey there. Time flew by as she became nearer and nearer to Mark’s home. Once she was near, she had slowed down, and flew over his home, and released all the water.

Martin was cursing at himself, whilst continuing to down his wine. He was so annoyed that he couldn’t watch his enemies die because he specially designed their cars, but oh well, he knew that they wouldn’t survive.  Before he could let out a demonic laugh, he heard sizzling, and gun like sounds. He widened his eyes, and slowly looked up to his celling. He saw his fire-lit chandeliers slowly melting and causing small explosions strong enough to destroy a lot of his home.  Before his life was brutally taken away from him, his visions were clouded with red, he was fuming, but he couldn’t unleash his anger as he slowly started to burn out like a candle.

Martha, on the other hand, was laughing evilly whilst going back to earth. But her smile faltered when she saw that a quarter of the planet had started to turn white. Little did Martha know, it would be the end of the human race. One human, one crazy human, he destroyed everyone.