Loving Literature!

This week, Dr Sarah Sneddon updates us on how our fantastic Year 10 IGCSE English Literature group is enjoying the course so far!

As a teacher, you know that you have a great class when the students form a team and name themselves within a fortnight of the start of the course!  Two weeks into the new academic year, team ‘Dr 4ALCK’ was born. During the autumn term we read Macbeth and studied two poems from the IGCSE Anthology.  Amongst many other things, the students have created podcasts about soliloquies from Macbeth, illustrated ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling and learned the meaning of polysyndeton (so did I!). I am going to let the first ever Net School IGCSE English Literature class tell you in their own words about their experiences last term:

I’ve always loved reading and literature, but now I love it even more and can understand it better. (Lydia)

The work we do in and outside of lessons is so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work.  We do a range of activities and not one isn’t enjoyable.  From the inviting atmosphere to the interesting topics, I couldn’t say a bad word about English Literature at Net School. (Amy)


English literature has been a great experience especially as I’m in my first year of Net School. (Khalik)


The English Literature class has been a great experience.  I have learned a lot from my team mates and teacher who I would like to thank.  I feel I can share my ideas without restriction.  Before I wasn’t sure about literature but now I love it.  My favourite part was the poem ‘If’.  Illustrating the imagery really helped me to retain it.  (Adele)


English is a fun topic that gives some leeway for learning, meaning that all members of the class have the freedom to debate, share opinions and make friends.  It’s been an amazing class to be part of.’ (Aoife)


This is definitely the best Net School class I’ve ever been in – everyone works super hard and we all really get along.  Macbeth’s been my favourite so far as we all got to read out different parts as the weeks went on. (Alice)


I love reading and always have, but now I see it all from a different angle (Carys)


I think it is fair to say that introducing an English Literature class at Net School has been a good idea! 

Dr Sneddon