Let it Snow(don)!

Year 6 have been learning all about mountains, here is their teacher Mrs Dart with an insight to their topic and some great work that they have produced:

“Our geography topic this term has been Mountains. We have found out how mountains form and learned the names of different mountains around the world. We found out how arduous and difficult it is to climb Mount Everest, not to mention how expensive.  We have looked at some of the activities that humans do in the mountains, both for work and for leisure, and we have talked about how we can protect mountains so that the animals and plants there can survive for future generations.

We also found out about a mountain in the United Kingdom which is the same shape as Mount Everest, but much much smaller! Can you guess its name? It's Mount Snowdon in Wales, which at 1085m is the second highest mountain in Britain outside the Scottish Highlands. Here are some fact files put together by the students all about Mount Snowdon.”