Reflections on English at Net School

Year 11 have been thinking about their English Language course, now that they are coming up to their exams.  Here is Dr Sneddon and the class with their comments:


From Dr Sneddon: IGCSE English Language can often be seen as a hurdle to be overcome as it is one of the ‘compulsory’ subjects at this level.  My Year 11 class spent five minutes reviewing their course and I was very happy to discover that they don’t seem to view this vital subject in this way.  As you’ll see some approached the question of what to include in this blogpost quite seriously; others were a little more tongue in cheek!


'I enjoy English Language; I look forward to the lesson every week.'


'I’ve really developed as a writer.  It has always been something I loved doing, but Dr Sneddon has made me realise it may be something I want to do [as a career] in the future.'


'Now I’ve got AHH FASTER CROC running through my blood.' (AHH FASTER CROC is our way of remembering the various devices we can use in persuasive writing – Anecdote, Humour, Hyperbole, Facts, Alliteration etc.)


'Here at Net School, I’ve managed to learn more in one term than I did in the last two years in my regular school – I’m more focussed!'


'This term I’ve managed to improve my writing so much with the help of my classmates because of our peer review segments.'


'Our marks have improved.'


'It’s given me the ability to let my imagination run wild.'


'We notice comma splices faster than you can say, ‘comma splice’!'