Oscar is a viral slime superstar!

Great to see how online schooling can enable students to pursue their passions and develop their careers. We were excited to read this recent profile of Net School IGCSE student Oscar in The Guardian - with the UK's biggest online slime shop and almost 800,000 Instagram followers, he is a genuine slime superstar!

'I came out of regular school last July, mainly because I was travelling a lot and it just didn’t work with my timetable. I’m online schooled now and I think I’m more focused on my business and my GCSEs. I’m lucky my parents never pressured me to have a “normal” career. It’s annoying when people think young people just spend time on their phones. There are people who do stupid things online, but it’s also a whole new marketplace of business and careers.'

We wish Oscar every success with his business and are so glad that we could help him achieve his academic ambitions. See his slimes in action on Instagram @slimeglitterz !

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