Wellbeing at Net School

At Net School we like to make sure that we are looking after our student’s welfare as well as their academics:

Wellbeing club is a friendly, informal way of keeping up with the latest ways to keep yourself well.  This term we have talked a lot about mental health difficulties, which are likely to affect us all at some point in our lives.  We have discussed many aspects of mental health and have learnt strategies for everything from coping with stress to how to connect with others in a more fulfilling way, and even how to become a better listener to family and friends.We chat a bit about our own ideas and thoughts, whatever we are happy to share, though no one has to contribute, as some people prefer to just listen. 

Here’s what one student has to say about how Wellbeing Club helps her:

“I enjoy coming to WellBeing Club.  I have a number of disorders which make life very difficult for me.  Wellbeing club makes things available for me to learn that other people don't have to learn because they do them naturally.  I am determined to learn the things I need to learn.  It's nice to see others at this club because it reminds me that I'm not the only one that needs help with these issues.”

Wellbeing Club is open to all Net School students and runs onWednesdays in term time at 11.20am – 11.50am in Electa (our online classroom) with Mrs Bullock.