Learn a language and have fun while you do it!

What better way to learn a language than having fun whilst practising it? How many of you will be confidently be speaking a foreign language on your summer holidays?

This week, our Spanish teacher, Ms Bullock, tells us more about our Spanish Speaking Club:

 Did you know that Spanish is a phonetic language so, unlike English, it is written exactly as it sounds?  Once you have learnt the twelve pronunciation rules that are different to English, you should be able to apply them and correctly pronounce ANY new Spanish word you come across.  Students from Net School’s Spanish speaking club have been reminding themselves of exactly that recently, practising pronunciation and gaining confidence in reading new words aloud before they have ever heard them spoken.  The club gives students extra practice, builds their confidence and allows them to experiment with their Spanish speaking in a way that they may not have chance to do during normal lessons.  Year 11 student, Aidan, found it was a great support to her during her IGCSE Spanish course:

“Spanish Speaking club was really useful for me because I struggled with my confidence in Spanish speaking and I was really anxious about the idea of talking on the mic at the beginning of the course but the club helped me become confident in my speaking skills and calm on the day of my oral exam! Plus, everyone was always very helpful and uplifting!  I also really liked having different activities for speaking too, like listening to Spanish music, watching videos on Spanish traditions/news, looking at images, etc and discussing different topics.”