A Midsummer Night's Interview...

Autumn leaves might be beginning to fall, but just to keep you in the summer mood a little while longer, here is some of the work our Year 6 class produced at the end of last term inspired by Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'...

At the end of last year our Year 6 students dipped their toes in the literary world of Shakespeare!  Their task was to write the script of an interview with Nick Bottom, the weaver from A Midsummer Night's Dream, who gets turned into a donkey by the fairy Puck. Meanwhile, Titania, Queen of the Fairies, has had a potion put in her eyes which makes her fall in love with the first person she sees when she wakes up - and this just happens to be Bottom.

Year 6 teacher, Mrs Dart, was so pleased with how they really managed to understand the character of Bottom and convey it so humorously in interview form.  The students also acted out their interviews in class.  What a lovely way to become enthused by Shakespeare.

Here are some of the interviews:

Interviewer: Today on newsflash we will be interviewing our very special guest, Bottom. How did you feel when you got turned into a donkey?

Bottom: Well I didn’t feel too good I must say. It took me two hours looking in the mirror to try and forget that experience.

Interviewer: Oh how sad? Can you explain why you were in these woods?

Bottom: I was in the woods rehearsing a play with my cast list. I was the main and best character In it obviously - the show was going to be at a royal wedding.

Interviewer: Ok. Were you scared?

Bottom: Was I scared? Never! I am so brave. Wait is that a bug on my shoulder ? Mama help me mama mama arrgh its on my ear ok its gone off now.


By Charlie


Interviewer: So, Mr Bottom, how did you feel when your head was a donkey’s head?

Bottom: Well I felt terrified, sad and lonely so I sang a song, want to hear it?

Interviewer: No thanks, who did you meet in the woods late that night?

Bottom: Well, I met Queen Titania in the woods, and she treated me like a god.

(Titania waves in front of Bottom)

Interviewer: What was it like having Queen Titania fall in love with you?

Bottom: Well it was really nice and relaxing, soothing and a bit startling at the same time.

Interviewer: Right, and finally did you see the little elf/fairy thing called Puck?

Bottom: No, who is Puck? What is an elf/fairy thing?

Interviewer: Oh he is a mischievous little elf. Thank you for your time Mr Bottom.

Bottom: BYEE. 

Titania: Goodbye. *Shouts* SING AGAIN.

Interviewer: Bye. *thinks* What mayhem that was.

Thank you for reading this,

David (AKA The Interviewer) Goodbye.


By David


INTERVIEWER- Here we are on Shakespearean News with NICK BOTTOM yes that Nick Bottom the one everyone has heard about but nobody wants to meet, Hello Ni-
NICK BOTTOM- Yes it is I! Nick Bottom the one that everyone knows about yes I see you over there looking star struck and you over there brighten up, oh and who are you again.
INTERVIEWER- Umm yes… Hello Nick pleasure to meet you how are you, why did you come here and  would you care to do a donkey impression for us today?
NICK BOTTOM- wow slow down there… I’m doing rather well today, I came here to show you my acting skills and yes (does terrible donkey impression) EH O EH OOO!
INTERVIEWER- Thank you Nick now I have some questions about that night.
NICK BOTTOM- Oh yes I nearly forgot about that night.
INTERVIEWER- (takes a steady breath) So NICK What was you doing in the woods that night?
NICK BOTTOM- I was practicing for my MAIN PART yes I Got the MAIN PART of a play, that we are going to be performing for the ROYAL WEDDING, don’t be jealous, HA your jealous!
INTERVIEWER-NO I am not jealous. What happened to you in the woods that night Nick?
NICK BOTTOM- Oh a fairy called Puck I think turned my head into a donkey head and then I started to sing and the angel like queen of fairies then came up behind me and started to say I sung like an angel and I said OBVIOUSLY and then she took me back to her palace were her servants started to feed me grapes and oats I always knew that was the life I was meant to live so I fell asleep and IT ALL STOPPED!

By Lottie