Getting Hands On! Year 9 Science Practicals

At Net School we like to be as practical as we can when studying science.  Our students learn how to plan, carry out and draw conclusions from their experiments just as other students do studying in a physical school.  The only difference is that they carry out their experiments in the comfort of their own home!

Year 9 have started this term by studying plants.  We have already looked at photosynthesis and will be moving onto plant reproduction and seed dispersal.

Last week our focus was transpiration, the process of water moving through a plant.  This is important to keep plants cool and to enable them to make their own nutrition.

For homework, the students were asked to carry out an experiment with celery (or white carnations) and food colouring to see this process happening for themselves.  Some had some great results whereas others were less clear due to diluting their food colouring too much, or not leaving it long enough. This is the nature of science, trial and error - we learn for next time!

If you'd like your child to join one of our Primary, KS3 or IGCSE science classes, please get in touch with our admin team at for further details!

Jessica, mid-experiment!
Jessica, mid-experiment!

Results from Jonathan