Positive Mind, Positive Life

To conclude our antibullying week, we will take a quick look at how we look after each other at Net School by protecting and empowering ourselves and others.

At Net School we are proud to have such a supportive and caring community amongst our students and teachers. And if anyone has any concerns that are troubling them, our Pastoral Tutor Mrs Bullock is always there to listen and advise, either through email or text chat, or in conversation.

In our PSHE lessons we talk a lot about positive mental health and wellbeing.  We look at the fact that positive connections and interactions with others are key in helping human beings to maintain a sense of their own mental well-being. 

Similarly, thinking about how we can help others to grow and develop is important to our community. By saying something as simple as a few kind words or a quick "well done - that was awesome", we can show that we value the presence and contributions of those around us, raising our own self-esteem and that of others at the same time.

In the words of the Dalai Lama: Be kind whenever possible - it is always possible.