Something About Me: A dramatic moment!

This week our Year 6 student Antara has shared a dramatic moment from her life with us! This is just one of the many exciting examples of autobiographical writing that our primary students have written this term - it great to find out more about their lives and also to see how their skills in English are developing...

“Ok, that was just amazing everyone” said Zenya our team captain. “Right, now just remember on stage do not get nervous and pretend there is no audience okay? Now everyone let’s go for makeup”. I got up from where I was sitting and skipped merrily to the green rooms to get makeup. It was all most broadway time and the stadium was slowly filling up. The teams Vayu and Prithvi were still practicing their plays, but the team Jalam, has finished their makeup. The school broadway was a theater production where the four school teams would put up eye catching plays for a chance to win the golden cup. My team, Agni was as determined as ever this year. We had not won in 7 years. We had all decided that this was the year Agni would win. I hoped it would be.

We reached the green rooms where we changed and put on makeup. I slipped on my cotton frock and a few teachers did my makeup. I only needed some lipstick since I was only a child in the play. Soon, the sun had set and the silent midnight sky carried the sounds of other teams plays to our ears. The broadway had started. Our play was last and we had to be ready. We slowly climbed down from the green rooms and went backstage. There we all sat silently and munched on sandwiches. Finally the third play ended and there was a round of applause as the curtains were drawn. Now it was our turn, every one was nervous and shaky but I was beyond nervous, I was petrified. I was in the first scene where I was sitting down next to my ancient grandma as she finished a story. The first glimpse of the drama would be that scene! My heart started to pound really fast. My legs had turned into stone, my hands were pale and clammy and my stomach had turned into jelly. 

Then a cool hand touched my shoulder ,it lead me onto the stage where the scene was about to begin. There I saw my friend, Rebecca looking around worriedly. Then she spotted me and gave a sigh of relief. “Where were you? The  scene is about to start, come on !” she said. I kneeled down in front of a chair where the grandma was supposed to sit. When I turned, I saw my mother going back to the audience. I smiled to myself as the grandma came running out of nowhere. She hurriedly sat down in the chair and gave me a small glare. Then, the spotlight was on us and gentle Indian music began to play.”Ok children so that was the story……… “ began the grandma. Then slowly more characters began to come on stage and soon I left it. Everything was going good. The funny parts were even more hilarious and the sad dramatic ones made me cry. However, I was very nervous about my last scene because  in that scene, I had to cry.


My last scene drew closer and closer and my heart began to pound faster and faster. Finally it came, I stepped nervously on the stage and pretended to do something. A police officer came over to me and shouted really loudly. I started stammering and then wailed loudly which then turned into a cry. I ran of the stage and gave a huge sigh of relief. The play was also most over. The most dramatic scene was displayed last and then a dance was shown along with a song. I could hear moms crying in the audience and felt good. As the last note was struck the curtain were drawn indicating the end of the play. A huge round of applause was heard and we cheered happily. 


Now, it was the moment we were all waiting for, the prize giving. The principal had come onto the stage with the shimmering golden cup. “The results are here and in second place we have……….PRITHVI !!!!!” she said. There was a scream from everyone in Prithvi and soon the entire team was on the stage dancing. When they were all gone the principal said “Now, in first place we have …………………. AGNI!!!!!. I gave a scream of joy and rushed onto the stage with the rest of the team. We all held tightly onto the golden cup and lifted into the air. I was the happiest I had ever felt in my life.