Taking English further at Net School

Net School has recently launched a select number of A Level courses. For English Language we currently have a lovely small class - one of our students has written about their experiences of the course so far:

I’ve been at Net School for about four years now, but A Level English Language is one of my favourite classes thus far! It’s been good fun revisiting old techniques I learned for IGCSE and improving on them, as well as receiving more in-depth critique on my work. Thanks to our small class size, we’ve recently been doing homework analysis in lessons, which allows us to hear our work read out by another voice – which is high-key useful when you’re trying to figure out why a sentence just doesn’t feel right.

We do a lot of writing in lessons, as well as studying texts, annotating passages and discussing how to answer questions; this allows us to get a lot of ‘hands-on’ feedback from our teacher. Right now, we’re working our way through our textbook, focusing on the first and second AS level papers.  Later we'll be tackling the linguistics and topics part of the exam. This first term has been great fun; so far, we’ve covered diary entries, movie reviews, articles, blogs, letters, and much more.

A Level English has been a great experience so far, and I’m looking forward to the rest of my course!

From September 2020, we will be running additional A level courses in maths and the sciences. Please get in touch with our Admissions team at office@net-school.co.uk if you would like further information.