Keeping Our Beaches Tidy

Over half term one of our students in Year 7 and her family spent 10 minutes collecting rubbish and plastic waste from a local beach. Well done Isla for thinking of doing it, but how sad that you were able to collect so much in such a short time.

It has been particularly windy in the UK recently and this has caused a lot of rubbish to be washed up onto our beaches or even blown out of bins.  On warm summer days, however, it is not unusual to see our beaches littered with the remains of visitor’s left-over picnics and BBQ’s.  We are increasingly seeing distressing photos in the media of aquatic creatures entangled in plastic waste, making the issue of littering and single use plastics a high profile.

If you would like to follow Isla’s example then next time you are at the beach, spend a few minutes collecting rubbish or join one of the events coordinated by organisations such as the Marine Conservation Society who organise local #beachwatch programmes