Net School Live Science Weekend 2020

At the start of British Science Week, we wanted to share our students' recent practical science weekend, held in Cambridge, UK, during the February Half Term break...

In February half term, our Head of Maths and Science, Dr Ellie Nalson, met up with 10 of our IGCSE science students to put into action some of the practical skills we have been learning about on the IGCSE science courses. The practical days took place in Cambridge Regional College and students tried their hands at a variety of different science practicals. We enjoyed getting to know each other a bit better 'in real life' and it was nice to spend an evening out with parents and students. There was even time on the final day for students to have some fun setting fire to methane bubbles! We look forward to seeing many more of our students at our practical science days in the future!


What did the students' think?


“I really enjoyed the science days; it was great putting faces to names, and I made some great friends.”


“I learnt a lot about the different practicals and how to carry them out, which will really help in the exams.”