Creativity in Lockdown

Since Y11 classes stopped at Spring Break due to the cancellation of the IGCSEs, one of our English teachers, Sarah Sneddon, has been running a creative writing workshop each week for her Y11 and Y12s.  “Both workshops so far have been very busy and it's fantastic to see the Net School pupils wanting to continue to work on their writing skills.  During the first workshop, we explored how poets have been responding to lockdown and worked on poems of our own.”

Here is a poem that Alice (15) wrote and subsequently shared with the group


The Cities are Silent Today


It’s a moment of strangeness and vague recollections 

Of stillness and starkness and down trod reflections 

Don’t care about Brexit or any elections 

 And the cities are silent today. 


Time moves in blinks and in coughs and in sneezes 

In stepping back paces when anyone wheezes 

Now frightened of going where’er the disease is  

And the cities are silent today. 


We walk, and we nod to the people we meet 

A careful two meters across on the street 

Then back to the safety of home we retreat 

And the cities are silent today. 


The days tick on by, and the dawn still arrives 

The grass keeps on growing, the sun will still rise

Whoever would think we’d lost so many lives   

And the cities are silent today. 


Time shatters, upended, day turns into night 

On Facebook, Mums flock: ‘Am I doing this right?’ 

And ‘If we all stay home, we can put up a fight!’ 

And the cities are silent today.


And NHS carers collapse on the floor 

And panic births havoc in every store

And ‘Doesn’t it awfully feel like a war?’ 

And the cities are silent today.