All our teachers are experienced secondary school teachers. We follow Edexcel's International GCSE courses (except for Latin and Computer Science where we use the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) syllabus), offering a broad range of subjects.

From September 2019, we will be offering the following subjects for new entry at IGCSE level:

  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Spanish (students must have studied a KS3 or equivalent course in Spanish)
  • French (students must have studied a KS3 or equivalent course in French)
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Maths - Higher Tier only
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Latin (students must have studied a KS3 or equivalent course in Latin)
From January 2020: New offering of IGCSE Further Pure Maths (working towards examination in summer 2021)

All individual courses except maths and Further Pure Maths are taught for two hours per week during term. 


How will my child be entered for a public examination, such as an IGCSE?

Edexcel and CIE both have centres around the UK where students can sit their examinations - it is the responsibility of the child's parent/guardian to enter their child for these examinations. Students based overseas can sit their examinations at the offices of their nearest British Council or other suitable institution - both of the exam boards have further details on their websites - you may find these links helpful:
Cambridge (CIE)

It is the parent or guardian's responsibility to enter a student for examinations and they are responsible for the fee levied by the examination board and the examination centre. 


Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and inspiring him so much. I often found him reading his [study] books late at night and he loved the YouTube links which you sent. He watched most of them right through! Parent