We work only with experienced and well-qualified teachers, selected on their ability to inspire, to make learning fun and help your child succeed. All have CRB/DBS checks (or equivalent). 

Our Team

Oliver Dowling

IGCSE Computer Science

Hello.  My introduction to computers was as a child in the 1980’s playing games on the Sinclair Spectrum 48K – an amazing machine for the time.  In the 1990’s I was playing on the Commodore Amiga, again a super machine with wonderful graphics.  It was not until I studied Computer Science at the University of Teesside in the late 90’s that I actually began to develop any sort of computing skills, a wide and varied education ranging from hardware to software, databases to web pages, mathematics, artificial intelligence and systems analysis.

Of all the disciplines explored during my days at university, it was the coding that really sang to me.  I enjoyed the pattern matching, the algorithm writing and the workings of the logical data structures.   High level, low level, functional or mark-up, if it was coding then I loved it. 

I have been teaching since 2003 mainly across the secondary education level, ages 11-18, although I have dabbled in adult training and spent a small amount of time in the Primary schools.  I have taught ICT and Computer Science from Key Stage 3 to A-Level, preparing hundreds of students over the years for their various examinations.

Dave Horton

KS3 Science and Maths

Hi! My degree was a First in Materials Engineering – an area of study which incorporates large dollops of Physics, Chemistry and Maths, subjects which have always fascinated me. For twenty years I diversified into training & teaching adults but friends and family kept encouraging me to get into teaching in schools until finally I took the plunge and gained my PGCE with Qualified Teacher Status. Online teaching has been a passion of mine ever since my own children were educated in an internet school. I absolutely love the fact that is an environment where young people can utilise the advantages of modern technology, learn in a hugely encouraging setting and have their own individual needs catered for. In the future, I firmly believe that many more lucky children will have the opportunity to learn in this exciting and enjoyable new way.

Personal achievements of which I am proud include UK National Diplomacy Champion, Welsh Under-18 Chess Champion, Institute of Physics Prize for Best Undergraduate in the Engineering Faculty and 13 awards for training and teambuilding in my previous career. Among places I’ve loved visiting have been South Africa, Australia, Malaysia and Barbados; experiences that thrilled me have included ballooning, flying in a biplane, white water rafting and diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Whatever it is that a student wants to achieve, it is a source of personal pride to help them get on the right road to succeeding at it - and very much enjoy the journey on the way!

Hannah Buchanan

Primary Year 5

I attended an online school for part of my secondary education before studying Primary Teaching at Durham University. After graduating with an Academic Achievement Award, I taught across the primary age range in a large academy followed by a small independent school for a number of years.   

I love travelling and have lived in both Turkey and New Zealand and am now based in Bristol with my husband and toddler. We enjoy the outdoors together and go for lots of walks. I love making my lessons interactive and engaging across all the Primary subjects.

Stephanie Gordon

IGCSE Biology and Chemistry

I have always loved teaching and learning about Science; it’s an ever changing subject that provides exciting challenges and opportunities.

My enthusiasm for Science took off in school when I started to learn about wildlife and endangered species. I loved reading books by Jane Goodall, about the chimpanzees in Tanzania, which made me want to help protect species from threats to their survival. Following this interest I studied Biology and Education (MA) at Cambridge University and Environmental Technology (MSc) at Imperial College, London. During this time I travelled to Indonesia, America and Sierra Leone to learn more about biodiversity and conservation. While travelling I also became interested in the real life applications of chemistry on a community’s resources, health and development.

I have been working in education for 10 years and a Science teacher since 2010. The best thing about teaching is in knowing that I have made a difference in a student’s life, through their daily achievement and in securing the grades needed to be successful in their future paths. I currently live in Tbilisi, Georgia, with my family and our pet guinea pig. I am also studying for a post-graduate certificate in Technology Enhanced Learning. 

Soraiya Humby

IGCSE Biology and KS3 Science

Hello!  My name is Soraiya and I live in the South of England with my husband, 2 young sons and 2 naughty dogs!  I have been interested in the natural world since spending a lot of my childhood in The New Forest where you are surrounded by the most amazing wildlife.  

I continued with my love of nature throughout my education and studied BSc Zoology,  MSc Ecotourism and then PGCE in Secondary Science.  I worked in industry as a production planner whilst completing my Masters then decided to move into teaching to pass on my enthusiasm for the subject that I loved so much but had started to drift away from.

I have taught in 3 large comprehensive schools before embarking on my career as an online teacher when my eldest child was a year old.  I am in my 8th year of teaching online and have completed online courses in Autism Awareness as part of my CPD and am currently studying for a qualification in delivering Forest School sessions so I can get back to nature!

I have always been interested in astronomy so recently took a beginners course at a local observatory and now have my first telescope to try and capture my own photographs of the wonders of the night sky.  It's never too late to stop learning so in the last few years I have expanded my knowledge from Earth into outer space, how can you not be interested in science when we are surrounded by it!

Bridgette Barrett

KS3/IGCSE Geography

Hi, my name is Bridgette and I live in East Yorkshire with my husband and two children. My passion for Geography began at secondary school with some fantastic teachers who passed on their love of the subject. Geography at its best should give students an insight into the world we live in and the complex factors at play in the physical and human environments. Physical geography and fieldwork are my particular passions. I hope that I can pass on this love of the subject through my teaching.

I qualified as a Geography teacher over 20 years ago and worked in secondary schools in Coventry for eight years. I also spent 18 months working for Garden Organic as an education co-ordinator, helping schools set up school gardens to enhance their environment and the curriculum. Since having my children and relocating to Yorkshire I have worked part-time at a local pre-school becoming an Early Years Professional, as well as tutoring adult learners online.  For the last thirteen years I have also marked GCSE Geography as an assistant examiner for OCR.

Dr Sarah Sneddon

IGCSE English

Hello! I’m Sarah. I graduated from St Andrews University with a MA in English and Modern History which I followed up with a PhD which focused on the development of the genre of the girls’ school story.  While at university, I also continued to study music and gained teaching diplomas in clarinet and piano. Over the years I have taught in a small independent prep school, several large independent private schools, some of the local state primary schools and also two universities! For the last 27 years, I have also run a busy music teaching practice in the East Neuk of Fife. 

I discovered the joy of online teaching when I was working with the Open University and when my daughter joined Net School, I quickly realised that I wanted to be part of this exciting school. I had just completed a PG cert in Online and Distance education and couldn’t wait to put all my new knowledge into practice. The excitement of helping someone improve their ability to communicate in language never leaves me.  As a child I read everything and anything that was available and this love of reading encouraged me to study English – I hope to be able to pass on my enthusiasm for the subject to everyone who studies with me. I also love the diversity of teaching primary! My ambition is to fire my students with excitement about learning and help them develop the foundation skills which will allow them to take their studies in whatever direction they want.

When I’m not teaching (which is not often), I knit, read, watch ice hockey, practise yoga and play the piano for my local youth musical theatre group.


Fran Wilson


Hi. I’ve been a maths teacher ever since leaving university and always knew that this was what I should do. I remember teaching my friends at school when they got stuck so it was obviously my destiny. After a long period teaching in a Cambridge school, progressing to be the Director of Maths, my husband and I decided to relocate to France in 2012. I now work from home, writing text books and teaching online.

Throughout my career, I have had a passion for understanding how you learn. Since being a student myself, I have realised that every person sees things differently and can understand the most complex of idea if it is made clear to them in the way they understand. I believe that this is why maths is an easy subject for some but difficult for others. So I focus on students’ natural understanding of things and link this to the methods they need.

It’s always been important to me that students are comfortable and confident when in maths. Learning should be stimulating, challenging but enjoyable. The sense of achievement when understanding how to do something, why it works and how it can help you is a powerful feeling and one that I aim for all of my students to experience.

Kelly Roscoe

KS3 History

My passion for all things old began when I first visited Styal Mill in Cheshire with my primary school. I loved sitting in the school room of the Apprentice House, imagining what the atmosphere would have been like in the Victorian era. I enjoy visiting historical places to feel more connected to those that have lived a life before us. I have a great love for kings and queens, as well as modern history.

I graduated from the University of Lancaster with a BA Hons in History and continued on to complete a PGCE in teaching in Lancaster as well. I've only ever taught in the North West of England, a Catholic school, a private girl's school and an inner city Manchester school. I have been teaching History for almost 12 years now, most recently as Head of Humanities. I also mark for the AQA and OCR exam board. 

I live in Lancashire with my four children, dog and cat. I love to read, crafting, painting and spending time with my young family. I hope to pass on my passion and enjoyment of History through some fun, interactive lessons - be prepared! 

Claire Dart

Primary Year 6

My name is Claire and I am currently happily settled in Hertfordshire after many years of travelling the world with my family due to my husband's career. My experiences overseas have been hugely varied and rewarding, but also challenging in terms of developing my own career. I originally worked as a technical author and translator following my degree in French and German. Once our children came along I was looking for a new challenge and that is when my teaching career began.

I started volunteering in my children's classes at primary school and quickly found that I relished the challenge of finding ways to motivate children who were struggling or who needed new ways to look at things they found difficult in the classroom. During our posting to Korea I learned taekwondo, eventually getting my black belt and along with it the opportunity to teach some children's classes. On our return to the UK, I took the decision to train as a teacher and enjoyed working in primary schools in Hertfordshire, and also as a French tutor, until another move took us to Canada. Whilst in Canada I studied for a certificate in teaching English as a second language and did some voluntary English teaching to refugees.

Back in the UK again I have got to grips with the new curriculum with a maternity cover contract in a Year 5 classroom and am now relishing the opportunity of putting my teaching skills into action in a new way as an online tutor. I am really looking forward to finding interesting and fun ways to motivate my online students and am sure that this will prove to be a mutually rewarding experience.

Chloe Bullock

IGCSE/KS3 Spanish & French and Pastoral Tutor

I have always been fascinated by language and culture and my early ambitions to travel and work abroad led me to study for a degree in Spanish and French at the University of Sheffield. 

My study year abroad at the Universities of Perpignan (France) and Sevilla (Spain) helped to affirm this, and anyone who has ever visited Sevilla will not be surprised to learn that after 6 months living there I was well and truly hooked on the Spanish language and way of life. 

Having spent my student summers teaching English as a Foreign Language to children and teenagers on summer courses in Bournemouth, I decided to gain some further experience teaching abroad.  I headed out first to teach in Tarragona, northern Spain (to get my Spanish fix) and then to Tokyo, Japan to sample a completely new language and culture. 

Whilst I had an amazing experience in Tokyo, I discovered I missed having Spanish and French in my life, so returned to the UK to train as a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages.  Since then I have taught in a range of secondary and primary phase schools in Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset, volunteered as a teacher for a Non-Government Organisation in Ecuador and spent 3 years teaching in a British School in the Canary Islands, where I was the only non-native teacher of Spanish. 

I have also been fortunate enough to have travelled widely throughout Latin America, where my Spanish skills have been put to the test by the wide and varied accents and nuances of the language to be found in the different countries. I am very excited to be bringing my passion for Spanish to Net School.

Priya Page

KS3 English

Hi! I grew up in East London but I now live in Chesterfield, Derbyshire with my husband and our tropical fish. I qualified as a Teacher of English with a PGCE (English 11-18) from the University of Bath, where I also gained QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). I have taught GCSE English and English Literature in secondary schools in Marlborough, Salisbury and East London and I am also an Examiner (GCSE English Language & Literature) for the OCR exam board.

I am very structured in my approach to teaching but I always like to add an element of fun to really bring the topics to life. I create a relaxed online classroom environment so that all of my students can confidently ask questions and become active learners.

I’m sure that it comes as no surprise that I love reading. My favourite book is Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. I first read it at the age of 17, when studying A Level English Literature. I highly recommend it. I also enjoy travelling around the world and I have a very long list of places that I’d still like to visit. Having grown up with two brothers, I enjoy watching football, F1 racing and also snooker. In my spare time, I try to get out in the garden and plant a range of flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Sarah Shaw

KS3 German

Guten Tag!  My name is Sarah Shaw and I look forward to helping you to learn German, which is a language that I love.  I am keen to make your experience of German real, fun and interactive.  For over 20 years, I have worked as a Modern Language teacher (including as a Head of German) in state-sector schools and have extensive experience of teaching German from KS3 through GCSE to Advanced Level. 

My background in languages is that I studied German at the University of Durham and then, worked for a German machine tool manufacturer for ten years in the UK as a translator and secretary.  After having studied for the Institute of Linguists Final Diploma in German, I completed my PGCE at the University of Birmingham and since then I have taught German with some French and also English as an Additional Language.

I have been very fortunate to have lived in Germany on two separate occasions; in Münster, an area near the Dutch border famed for its moated water castles, where I was a teacher of English, and in Nürtingen in the sunny wine-growing area of Baden-Württemberg, where I worked as a Personal Assistant.  I have friends in Germany with whom I am in regular contact and I have participated in frequent educational exchanges with German schools.  I also keep my German up-to-date by visiting the Deutsche Welle website to make sure that I am well informed about German current affairs. 

When not teaching, I am to be found walking in the Gloucestershire countryside with my husband or digging in my garden, where I grow flowers and vegetables. I also love to read, cook, sew and practise yoga.

Dr Ellie Nalson

Head of Maths and Sciences

Hi! I have been teaching maths and science for over ten years and have taught students of all ages and backgrounds both in schools and universities. I think teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do and I enjoy introducing others to the subjects I love.

Science and Maths have fascinated me ever since I was young. I am especially interested in our Universe, how it began and why it now looks like it does. After studying for my degree in Maths at Cambridge University and for my Masters in Astrophysics, my interest led me to pursue a PhD in Cosmology, which I have recently completed at Queen Mary, University of London.

Science is the study of how the world works. Scientists spend their time trying to understand everything you see around you, from the smallest ant to the largest galaxy. But Science isn't only interesting, it is also one of the most important subjects you can study. Scientists try to answer questions like: How can we feed everyone in the world? How can we develop renewable energy resources? How can we hope to cure cancer? If these sort of questions interest you then you are a scientist in the making!


Sue Henton


Latin, both the language and civilisation, has always fascinated me. When I was young, my father enthralled me with stories from Roman times. I loved Latin at school, I loved it at university and I still love it now. I graduated from Kings College, London and then obtained a PGCE. I taught for a number of years at secondary level and enjoy the challenge of helping pupils appreciate and value a different language and culture.

The Romans have left us an amazing heritage. Their empire covered most of the known world and the remains of their building works can be seen everywhere. Their literature has inspired countless writers and artists. Latin is such an intrinsic part of so many facets of English and European societies and plays an invaluable role in understanding our own language and culture.

I look forward to explaining all of this to you, as well as teaching you the language itself!

Emily Williams

School Administrator

I was lucky enough to have inspiring teachers when I was at school and this meant that I was enthusiastic about my own learning and I thoroughly enjoyed my education. I was a Primary School Teacher for 8 years and loved the rewarding job of encouraging, inspiring and motivating students to enjoy their own learning and success.

I live in Berkshire with my husband and two daughters. I enjoy the outdoors and love exploring different countries when I can. I enjoy reading, cooking and listening to music. I am also a big fan of theme park rides! The faster the better!

Susan Reed

Director/ Teacher of IGCSE History

My love of the past began when I was very young, with visits to historical sites being a key part of every family holiday. I clearly remember, as a child, looking into a mirror in the former home of that great Tudor king, Henry VIII, and wondering whether he, too, had seen his reflection there.  It is this sense of the ‘closeness’ of the past to the present which really excites me: ‘history’ is not just events that happened hundreds of years ago – it's the stories of people much like you and me who have shaped the world we live in.

Since graduating in History from Christ’s College, Cambridge, I've taught in a comprehensive school in the north-west of England and an independent school in Cyprus. I became an online teacher in 2009, and continue to take my work with me as I move from place to place with my husband and family. Currently based in Ottawa, Canada, I look forward to being able to share my passion for history with you, wherever you may live!