Our experienced Primary teachers focus on engaging their students, encouraging active participation through activities and making lessons fun - the best way to encourage learning.

Our Primary provision is aimed at students who would be in Years 5 and 6 in the UK school system (i.e aged 9-11).

We offer the following subjects:

  • English - 2 hours per week
  • Maths (numeracy) - 2 hours per week
  • Science - 1 hour per week
  • Humanities (History/Geography) - 1 hour per week

You can opt to study a core curriculum or individual subjects, depending on your particular needs. The cost depends on whether you opt for a core curriculum or selected subjects. 

Core curriculum package:

This consists of 2 hours of Maths, 2 hours of English, 1 hour of Science, 1 hour of Humanities, offering a broad range of subjects. From September 2017, fees will be £678 per term (inclusive of VAT at 20%).

Tailored package:

Alternatively, we are happy to offer individual subjects. The price varies depending on the number of teaching hours per week. From September 2017 we will charge £240 per term for Maths or English (which involve two hours per week per subject) and £120 per term for Science or Humanities (which involve one teaching hour per week per subject). These prices include VAT at 20%.

YEAR 5 AND YEAR 6 (separate classes which run simultaneously in different classrooms)

Timetable for the academic year 2017-8


'Regards and thanks for the excellent service you have provided for us over the past years,  I really do not know how I would have coped (and continue to do so) without you and your wonderful staff!' Parent of a Year 6 student